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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much concrete do I need?

Concrete quantities, like any other measure of volume, are calculated by multiplying length x width x height and are measured in cubic metres.

What is the minimum amount of concrete we can deliver?

We can deliver any quantity of concrete, but the minimum charge is for 1m³.

How do I know when my concrete will arrive?

On the day, nearer to the time, you will receive a call to let you know when your concrete is on its way.

How much concrete can we deliver?

We can deliver any amount from 1m³, if you require a larger amount, we can schedule more vehicles for the concrete required.

How do I know if the concrete lorry will fit where it needs to go?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you can provide safe and reasonable access for the concrete mixer.

If you want the lorry to come off road, onto a footpath or private property, we cannot be held responsible for damage caused and you may be asked to sign an indemnity form at the time of delivery.

What should I do when the concrete arrives on site?

Please check with the driver that the order is correct and advise the driver where the concrete is to be unloaded.

How long do I get before the concrete goes off?

The chemical reaction that takes place within a concrete mix begins as soon as the cement and water are mixed together.

This means that usually you will have between 1-2 hours once the concrete arrives on your job to place, level, compact and finish the mix.

Higher strength mixes will generally give a little less working time than lower grades.

Please ensure you have enough people to complete your project on time.

What happens if I order too much concrete?

Depending on the concrete mixer that is sent out to you. will depend if there is a part load or waste concrete disposal charge. If a volumetric vehicle is used there are no part load charges or unused concrete charges.

Please be aware that the rate for concrete could change if you use more or less than ordered. Please be extra careful when measuring your area so we give you an accurate price.

Can I change my order quantity?

As we use volumetric vehicles we are more flexible, if you need a little more than concrete then ordered it’s not a problem whilst we are on site.

Please be extra careful when measuring your area so we give you an accurate price.

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order up to 24 hours from the start of your delivery time. If you cancel the delivery within 24 hours or whilst the lorry is on its way to your site you will be charged a cancellation fee.

How do I pay?

At the time of ordering we require a Visa, MasterCard or Debit card to secure your booking.

What are our opening times?

Our offices are open Monday – Friday: 8am to 5pm, Saturday: 9am to 12pm. We can provide out of hours deliveries but additional opening charges will apply.

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