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Concrete Pricing Guide

Concrete Pricing Guide

Concrete Pricing Guide

There are quite a few variables that factor in to the final cost of concrete, which is why it can be tough to predict exactly how much your required mix might be. In this guide, we’re looking at these variables so you know exactly how the price of your concrete is affected and calculated.

What impacts the price of concrete?

The first factor that influences the price of your concrete is the cement content of the mix. Cement is the most expensive ingredient in any mix, so the higher the cement content, the higher the price from the outset. However, there are a few other factors which come into play, including:

  • Distance from quarryTransport and haulage of materials will affect price. The shorter the distance, the less impact this will have on price
  • CompetitionAs with any product, the level of competition in the area will have a knock on effect to the price of your concrete. Naturally, this can fluctuate, but it’s one of the reasons why you’re always recommended to get multiple quotes.
  • Strength of concrete This goes back to cement content; the more cement the more expensive the mix – but more cement is required for stronger mixes. You can balance the cost by using different aggregates, however high quality concrete with high tensile strength is always likely to be pricier.
  • Access If a customer has access issues throughout their worksite, then pump hire might be required. As an extra service, this will add to the overall price of your concrete delivery.
  • Delivery time For same or next day delivery, expect the price to be higher. You may also incur higher fees for weekend delivery.

How is the price of concrete calculated?

The above factors are all aspects which go into the final cost of your concrete, but your quoted price of your mix is typically calculated by volume – displayed in ‘per cubic metre’. Aspects such as competition and distance from quarry will already be taken into account for the market price, but the strength, delivery time and pump hire will be factored in during the subsequent ordering stage. If you require any additives in your mix, this will also have an impact on price.

Are different strengths of concrete more expensive?

Per cubic metre, stronger mixes are typically more expensive – especially if you include any additives to increase that strength. For example, the C40 mix – a strong mix used for structural beam construction, foundations, roadworks – among others – will be more expensive than C20 concrete (a lightweight mix for driveways, patios and house extension foundations).

Of course, final price will be determined by the amount of concrete you require, not just its strength. You can also opt for different aggregates, or to reduce the surface area as much as possible without compromising too heavily on strength. This can help reduce the price of your mix, but will require careful planning and coordination with your supplier to ensure the final mix meets your full requirements.

Type of concrete is also important; readymix concrete has a more predictable pricing structure than volumetric concrete, for instance. If your project can be served proficiently with a strong readymix concrete delivery, then this could save you money. Again, discussion with your supplier is the best way to get an idea of your final price.

How The Concrete Network helps with price

Taking all the above factors into account is time consuming, especially if you’re trying to coordinate a large construction project, or if you simply have little time on your hands. The Concrete Network can do all of this for you. We always aim to find the best price for your specific concrete requirements, without ever compromising on the quality of your mix.

With our growing network of independent partners, we can source and arrange delivery of your concrete at a time and price to suit you. We leave nothing to chance, paying close attention to detail to ensure you always get the best possible deal with us.

So why not give The Concrete Network a call today? Our friendly team is always happy to help.

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