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Top 5 Tips for Pouring Concrete in Winter

Top 5 Tips for Pouring Concrete in Winter

You don’t need to hit pause on your home renovations or DIY projects just because winter has arrived. Many people believe that it is a bad idea to carry out construction projects and concrete pours in the colder months. When the weather becomes frosty or wet, we understand the undesirability to go ahead. However, our handy tips will guide you through your construction journey during this winter season. You may even find the opportunity to cut down on costs.

There’s many reasons you may need concrete in the winter, such as filling foundations, footings or levelling off bases. We offer a wide range of mixes that our team at The Concrete Network can advise you on, assisting you every step of the way.

1. Cheap concrete pours

During colder months, it’s easier to find cheaper concrete prices. Generally, you’ll find that suppliers experience a drop in demand, therefore the rates of concrete become more competitive. Here at The Concrete Network, we supply concrete all over the UK at these competitive rates. We work closely with our network of local suppliers to ensure our customers are receiving the best service and price.

2. Temperature 

It’s really important to consider the temperature when you’re planning a concrete pour in the winter. Fresh concrete will freeze when temperatures reach below a certain point. If you were to pour in this condition, the mix would freeze. The sub-base in which the concrete will be poured onto should not have any ice or frost present. To prevent this from happening, try laying thermal blankets or using building site heaters the day before, to speed up the thawing process.

3. Choosing the right mix

By booking your concrete pour in advance, you’ll give yourself and us the opportunity to consider the weather on the day of your delivery. Additional materials can be added into your concrete to ensure the best quality. It’s important to use the right grade and specification as this will prevent the concrete being damaged from the cold.

If you are concerned about the mix being affected by the weather, there’s the option to add an accelerator to the concrete. Our sales advisors at The Concrete Network are a short phone call away and are on hand to discuss the ideal mix for your project.

4. Curing concrete in the winter

The colder the weather, the longer it takes for concrete to set. Therefore, it is essential to protect the concrete as it cures. If the material is left exposed or is uncovered too soon, the top layer of concrete may freeze and become damaged. If it doesn’t freeze, the surface will not be as strong as it would have been if it had been protected.

There are multiple ways to do this such as using thermal blankets which are easy to install and transport. This will aid in capturing as much heat as possible. If the winter season brings you particularly strong winds on the day of your pour, we recommend building a windbreaker around the concrete for further protection.

5. Tricky spots? Concrete pumping is the answer

Many people try to avoid concrete pours in the colder months when the mix needs to reach a hard to reach area. Usually, wheelbarrowing is the only option to complete the job. In the winter, we understand that it’s not ideal having to run back and forth from the ready-mixed concrete truck with a barrow full of mix to get the project done. With the cold, wind and rain battling against you, we bet you’ll wish for an easier option.

Our concrete pumping suppliers can provide a pump alongside the ideal cement mix for winter. If there’s a difficult to reach spot that you need concrete delivered to, our sales advisors can assist in choosing the best pumping option for your needs. Our network of trusted local suppliers are experts in delivering materials to any distance.

Ready to get in touch? Our friendly sales advisors at The Concrete Network are available 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Call us now to book in your concrete pour at a competitive price.