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We’ve Moved Offices!

We’ve Moved Offices!

Since The Concrete Network began in Summer 2017, our contact centre has been based in a shared office building in Hertfordshire. A year on, and with our workforce expanding rapidly, mid April saw our team moving into bigger and better equipped premises.

We’ve had our own freestanding office units built, scaling up from two, second floor rooms and shared facilities, to a two-storey structure that is perfect for our growing business. The fantastic new building includes increased space for our sales, customer service and accounts teams, as well as individual office space  and meeting rooms.

We believe that providing our staff with the ideal working environment enables them to deliver the best levels of service to both our customers and network partners alike; a value we hold at the very heart of our business. We’re looking forward to the next year in our new premises and the further growth of The Concrete Network.